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READ: Basic Support Info & Common Fixes [Support] (1)

Be aware that support here is from other players. The developers of Altitude no longer actively support the game, but they may respond to support inquiries e-mailed to As we monitor this forum…

Network Troubleshooting [Support] (1)

Reserved... coming soon.

Windows 10 Creators Update [Support] (1)

Many computers running Windows 10 have had issues after the Windows 10 Creators Update is installed. For whatever reason Microsoft likes to overwrite device drivers you have installed with their own which often do not w…

Scaling Issues on Windows 10 with High Resolution Displays [Support] (1)

You may have to adjust compatibility settings for Altitude if you are trying to play on a high resolution display such as qHD or 4K monitors. Windows 10 does not scale Altitude properly on high resolution displays and y…

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