1Day 4vs4 Timed League


DATE: 11/3 - 8 pm GMT/4 pm EST

MODE: timed 4vs4 (8 minutes game)

TEAMS: 0rigin,xprox,{ball},[:P],XT,Nameless

FORMAT: 2 Division Round robin + Finals
First 3 rounds will be bo3. 8

Finals bo5.
In case of tie the game will be replayed and first team that score will wins

Round 1: Antre,Core,Woods,Ufos,Cryptic.
Round 2: Illumination,Warehouse,Cliff,Volcano,Midnight.
Round3: Arrow,Cross,Grotto,Empire,Firework.
Finals: Asteroids,Cave,Illumination,Lostcity,Galatea,Snow,Volcano.

We’ll be testing for the first time games with timer, games will last 8 minuts.
I Division
II Division