2018 Ladder Server Donations


I wasn’t going to take donations this year, but I have been spending way too much money on ladder servers. Combined with having a bunch of expenses related moving across the country and also starting up a new business help with ladder expenses is appreciated.

The simplest way to help out is sending money via PayPal to altituderank@gmail.com

I’d suggest using the friends and family payment option with a minimum of $5. I’d just rather not be sent less than $5 because I use PayPal a lot and PayPal gets suspicious seeing a bunch of small friends and family donations at once, even if this is a legitimate use.

If you leave a note try to make it not sound like something that could be possibly interpreted as a good/service like just “altitude game server”. Things like “helping pay for Altitude game server”, “merry Christmas”, or no note is fine. You are welcome to just use the goods & services option if you’d prefer. PayPal will deduct a small fee from the money you send.

I also signed up for Cash App awhile ago although haven’t used it yet. If you sign up through an invite from me and send me $5 or more, both of us should get a $5 bonus added to our accounts (which you could keep for yourself and basically donate $5 for free or send to me if you’d rather donate it towards ladder). I believe this is USA only and you have to provide either e-mail address or phone number for me to send the invite. Let me know if you want to send money via the Cash App.

Or if it is easier to send money as a gift card that is fine too, I can use Amazon or eBay (from USA sites, unsure if Amazon/eBay GCs from other countries can be used in USA)

If you donate and I can’t identify you or I don’t see you online to thank you, I’m very appreciative of your contribution towards ladder server hosting and thanks in advance. If your financial situation doesn’t allow you to donate at this time or you just don’t want to, that is totally fine. Don’t send money for server hosting if you need it yourself.

Details about the current hosting situation if you care…

Having used the same servers all year long my expenses were pretty straightforward. Over $2,800 USD was spent on servers in 2018 along with another $120 on an e-mail service for the forum. I’m not expecting to get more than a small portion of that back in donations. Most of the cost is unfortunately on the USA server which is $200 per month. Ladder servers require very little server resources and can technically be hosted for as little as like $10-20 per month per server (with 1 USA and 1 EU), but it is very difficult finding servers that are stable enough.

I have been hoping to find additional uses for the unused resources on that server, but that has not happened yet so it continues to only hosting ladder. That is a heck of a lot of money for a server that is basically never played on, although it does provide a very stable database which EU ladder also uses.

These donations are 100% to help with server hosting for only 2018. I will most likely stop taking donations again at the end of the month until I figure out what expenses will be like for 2019. I have been reluctant to switch to a cheaper USA server because this host has basically a perfect network we’ve never had a single issue with. Unfortunately they don’t offer virtual servers and the only option is a full dedicated server. And that also means I can’t easily start/stop the a server to temporarily try a different host for awhile.

I would still greatly like to switch to a much cheaper cloud hosting service, perhaps back to Amazon Web Services, as early as January 2019. Unfortunately switching hosting services likely will result in this forum being taken down because it uses far too much resources to pay for separately. I don’t think we really need it as it is hardly ever used. Discord is enough. But we could possibly go back to the old forum since I guess at this point it is staying up although with very limited features or use a free forum host.

Update: After hearing the USA server wasn’t even used in the recent SL I have put in a cancellation request so we will go back to using a relatively cheap USA server. Won’t be near perfect like the current USA server but it will be 90 to 95% as good. May take awhile to test various servers again though, especially with USA not getting played on. Forum may be removed unless I can figure out a way to host it for cheap.

Unfortunately as much I’d like to be working on further developing ladder, making 3v3 TBD, improving the website, etc with Altitude getting more active lately I do not expect to have any time to do so until at least the middle of 2019. Sorry.

Total money for servers received so far converted to USD: $78 (will update as soon as I see it come through. May take some time if I am asleep, etc.)

December 4:

  1. $20
  2. $5
  3. $53