2021 4v4 Ball Preseason - TTM defeats E in the Finals

The 4v4 tournament begins today at 6pm GMT / 2pm EDT with a double elimination preseason tournament to get some practice in before the real games begin next Sunday.

You receive no award or advantage from winning the tournament so try to get playtime for everyone who shows. If desired you can have 2 subs assigned to your team for each game for the preseason and sub up to 3 times (if a player lags out and a sub jumps in for like 30s or less that will not count towards to 2 subs).

Aside from the finals, matches are best of 3. Rather than potentially play two finals matches if the undefeated team loses the first match, there will be only one finals match. It will be best of 5 but the undefeated team starts 1-0. So the will need to only win 2 games while the team that lost a match has to win 3.

There will not be any extra maps to veto in the map pool for each match either in preseason or during the regular season. Each captain is able to veto 5 maps for the entire tournament. I have only received a list from Tomato Town Massacre so far, so I’m removing their list from the preseason.

The Home team (top) picks the server used for the entire match. The Away team (bottom) picks the first map. The 2nd map is picked my the team that lost the first game. You can scroll the Challonge image to see the rest of the backets.

5 teams makes for an unusual double elimination tournament, but it is only preseason so don’t worry much about it. I tried to create the matches the way that made the most sense to me. E seems to be the most stacked this season and they have the top seed. Not suggesting my team is a #3 seed as we are full of rusty players.

Map Lists

The match # is from Challonge, so 1 means the first match of Taylor Swift’s Squad vs Cruels.

1: cave, woods, firepark
2: coal, ice, solarbattle
3: cliff, greycomb, snow
4: doodle, reef, grotto
5: maze, kessler, sanctum
6: den, illumination, galatea
7: warehouse, swarm, antre
8: asteroids, ufos, planepark, skylands