2021 4v4 Ball Round Robin Week 2 Sunday

The 4v4 regular season will be a single round robin with best of 5 games. In order to help make sure we can fit all the best of 5 games into 2 Sundays I’m implementing the following rules for the round robin:

  • As already announced there is no map veto for each match. Instead each team can submit a list of 5 maps to veto for the entire regular season.
  • Home team (top) picks server and side and there will be no switching.
  • Each match will have a random pool of 5 maps. The away team (bottom) selects the first map. The losing team of that and remaining games picks the map for the next game.

The final two rounds 4 & 5 are scheduled for May 2nd.

The top 3 teams will advance to the playoffs. The 1st place team is automatically in the finals and the 2nd and 3rd place teams compete in a best of 5 semi final. The finals are best of 7. If the 2nd and 3rd place teams can play on May 2nd after the conclusion of the regular season I would suggest playing then. However, the game can be played at a later date if one or both teams can’t play at that time.

Standings will be based on match wins. If the top 3 teams all have the same W/L record, the finals will instead be double elimination similar to preseason. If teams 1 & 2 have the same record the tie breaker is head to head. If there is a clear #1 & 2 but 3 and 4 are tied then again their tie breaker is head to head. If teams 2-4 have the same record (not sure if possible or not with 5 teams, but lets assume it is), first tie breaker is did they beat the #1 team, 2nd is head to head, and 3rd is total games won.

Maps for Round 1
illumination, coal, reef, ice, empire

Maps for Round 2
grotto, sanctum, core, snow, planepark

Maps for Round 3
warehouse, galatea, cryptic, den, antre

Maps for Round 4
skylands, greycomb, ufos, swarm, asteroids

Maps for Round 5
cliff, illumination, firepark, doodle, arrow

As of now the the playoffs are scheduled for Sunday, May 9th. It is Mother’s Day in most countries, but teams seem willing to play so I see no reason to postpone.