4v4 Season Ends 21st of October


4v4 season will end at the end of the day on the 21st of October (Sunday). It wasn’t ever really an official season but I’ll try to get CP for the top 3 in each tier. I’m mostly ending it because we should do some corrections to the tiers since they were created from old 6v6 ratings and 4v4 is different enough that some players ratings are much higher/lower than they are in 6v6. Also with ladder getting more active now is a good time to start a new season.

Top 3 in Silver and Bronze will move up a tier (and probably get CP)

1400 or higher will move up to Gold
1000 or higher in Bronze will move up to Silver
900 or lower in Gold will move down to Silver
600 or less in Silver will move down to Bronze

However, that is based on a good number of games played. Players who have played less than 30 4v4 games may or may not be moved.