4v4 Skyleague playoffs, week 1


Date: Sunday the 18th of November
Time: 7 pm GMT (alti time) / 2 pm EDT / 11 am PDT
(use https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ to find the right conversion for you, if you’re in doubt.)
Format: Double elimination


  1. Smile
  2. TS
  3. Xproxx
  4. Origin

Note: Seeds were decided by the regular season results.

Bracket can be found here:


Round 1 (BO3):

  • Origin vs. Smile
  • TS vs. Xproxx

Loser’s Round 1 (BO3):

  • Loser of [Origin vs. Smile] vs. loser of [TS vs. Xproxx]

Semifinals (BO3):

  • Winner of [Origin vs. Smile] vs. winner of [TS vs. Xproxx]

Loser’s Round 2 (BO3):

  • Winner of losers round 1 vs. loser of the semifinals

Finals will be played the following sunday, otherwise it will run too late.

Server choice:

  • Bottom seed picks server (EU/NA) for the first game. Top seed picks server for the second game. Bottom seed picks server for the third game etc.


  • Caz
  • Bran
  • Van1sh1ng
  • Xal
  • Toma


Round 1:

  • Carpia, Empire, Maze, Reef, Swarm, UFOs, Warehouse

Losers Round 1:

  • Asteroids, Carpia, Empire, Firepark, Galatea, Grotto, Maze


  • Arrow, Carpia, Cliff, Empire, Galatea, Planepark, Reef

Losers Round 2:

  • Antre, Asteroids, Firepark, Galatea, Maze, Planepark, UFOs

Veto format:

BO3 (7 maps):

  1. Bottom seed vetoes 1 map
  2. Top seed vetoes 1 map
  3. Bottom seed picks 1 map
  4. Top seed picks 1 map
  5. Bottom seed vetoes 1 map
  6. Top seed vetoes 1 map
  7. Remaining map is the decider

Please post the scores of your games in the SL Discord channel, so I can update the standings.