Alti+ updates


The Alti+ server is available for update if any one is running it. It includes the the latest Xal server patches (which are optional to use). The following major changes were made:

  • Statistics, keys, checkpoints, etc. are no longer stored in the player object, and can now span across disconnects. This includes your time as it in the TAG game mode.

  • Infraction kicking information is now also stored outside the player object, if you connect to a server after having been kicked for infractions, you will no longer start back at 0, you will start at half your previous value.

  • A new upload from source has been added. /upload archive ball_core will now upload ball_core from the new Altitude map archive into the server for you. This should pretty much simplify managing maps on the server to the point of taking seconds as long as the map you want is part of the archive.

  • If using the xx Xal extensions, the new perk control commands have
    also been incorporated.

I have been testing these changes incrementally on Map QA during the last month, and I think they are fully stable now. If you find issues, please let me know.