Altitude 1.1 is coming soon


Nikon is, by far, our best option for map reduction. He is the best qualified to perform these mods.

You are right, now that I consider all the “spliced” map objects. It would be quite a task to reconfigure each object and shrink it’s proportions, while aligning each object’s collision lines. (We may get lucky, on some objects, in that shrinking them may lead to less individual pieces…)

Still willing to help, in any way necessary…

(Nikon had some unfinished maps that were never published, perhaps he still has them somewhere, floating around a database… Might be good starts for fresh maps)


Van, just made an account to chime in how much i appreciate you and everyone’s dedication to keeping altitude alive. I was heartbroken to hear the forums dying, this new one looks pretty dope! 1.1 sounds incredibly exciting and a new and improved, more active, more competitive altitude titillates my delicate sensibilities to a worrying extreme. You are the homie.


This forums looks really cool!
I feel so bad to see how alti is right now

btw i have some ideas, can we make disapear all servers but one usa ladder, ledows, rawr servers and official server?
there are 44 servers and that split the low player base.
Also we really need 4.vs4 ladder



[quote=“DonQuijote, post:23, topic:89, full:true”]
…can we make disapear all servers but one usa ladder, ledows, rawr servers and official server?..[/quote]

If this idea becomes sanctioned, I would prefer not to shutdown / hide the Tadow! server or either Dojo…
As these servers represent a core part of what Alti once was. The Tadow! have maintained these servers in the hopes they will live again…



yeah, I would like to keep tadow as a classic server, that mighty clan deservers all our respect! I wish more tadow members will come back some day.


Our thanks…

The Tadow! are not gone, just ‘waiting in the wings’, for Alti’s rebirth.

(Most can be found playing Rocket League, these days)

Our current roster stands at 24 members, all semi-active.

The competitive branch is currently retired, but may be reactivated if competitions resume.

Long live Tadow!



vanish, we need 3vs3 game mode right now or this is going to be dead super fast


I wouldn’t have posted this thread if I wasn’t well aware we need smaller teams ASAP. 3v3 would be great if gameplay would be acceptable, but I don’t think it would. Most likely have to do 4v4 if we want to keep the it somewhat close to how 6v6 plays.

Unfortunately I basically put everything on hold because xal and now Magnetic Duck want to rewrite how custom servers like ladder communicate with Altitude server. Probably should have pushed for them to work with what we have now, but they assured me it wouldn’t take that long. Haven’t heard much for awhile so not sure if much progress has been made.

Also I probably should have tried harder to start another SL. Didn’t really seem like there was enough interest and I was hoping 4v4 and other new things would help bring people back. Should we try to somehow get a 4 team 6v6 SL together ASAP? I’m not sure it can happen, but if we wait any longer there may be no chance. SL always gets a lot of people coming back to ladder.

Ladder always has ups and down throughout each year and it has always bounced back after things looked really bad (although no SL could break that cycle). There are definitely a fair number of people who still want to play Altitude who don’t log on because the quality of ladder games has gotten bad. Hopefully smaller team size will allow us to make stronger teams.


So things seem to have fallen apart regarding the Altitude server updates I was waiting on. Seems like I am back to having to revive Altitude all by myself. :disappointed:

Going to be a lot of work that might be for nothing considering the current state of Altitude, but I didn’t come this far to quit now. Unless we have enough players for a 4 team 6v6 SL (extremely unlikely I believe), my expectation is to end the current season of ladder on November 4th. I will update on that in the coming weeks as I make progress on my new servers.

My new servers will most likely not be running ladder unless somehow ladder is once again doing very well before I end the season. My focus is on creating advanced pubs, getting 4v4 ball playing well, my much improved football/hockey game modes, and adding a lot more stats/detail to the website.