Captian's Games New Style

Hey guys, so next Sunday May 28th at 5pm Gmt we are going to hold captians games. This is going to work a little differently than normal though. Let me know what ya’ll think.

Basically there will be two chosen captians that decide their teams. The winner of that game keeps his team and plays next game. The losing team then enters a pool of players where a new captain was already decided. He then picks a team from that pool and the next game commences. So on and so forth. This means that one team could play the entire time if they keep winning. So bring your A game.



I like that idea, i will be there, it looks like a fun, but if it can be afterwards, as normal ladder time, it will be better, 5pm maybe so soon. :worried:

i am on it, guys!!! also, i love musty!!!