Changes to SkyLeague Rosters for Season 15


I expect to make some changes to the rules regarding rosters. The roster limit has essentially been meaningless due to being able to make changes to the roster at almost anytime. Ideally the new rules will promote more balanced teams while not hurting the ability for teams to have enough to play.

I don’t really have any firm plans in place right now but here are some ideas I am considering:

  1. There is almost certainly going to be a low limit on how many times rosters can be modified.
  2. Have two sets of players within each roster. There would be a main roster of 8 or so regular players who can play all games with no restrictions. There would also be a separate roster roster of players who you want on your clan but who won’t be very active. This group of players would have restrictions on how much/when they can play. The goal here is to prevent too many top active players from being on the same team while allowing those who just want to show up occasionally to play with friends to still do so.
  3. Allow players to switch teams midseason but only to teams with equal or below in standings.
  4. Be more flexible on allowing players on other teams to temporarily fill in for other players during the regular season. These players will probably have to be approved by the opposing team’s captain.
  5. After the 2nd week (or sometime midseason) either have a draft or automatically assign free agents who have expressed interest to play but have not been picked up by any time. Any players added at this time would not count against the main roster limit described in #1 above. This is to at least make sure all players who want to play get placed on a clan. However there will be no requirement for a captain to use these players unless they otherwise would not have enough to play. Ideally even if they get no or very little play time, hopefully teams will at least communicate with them and help introduce them to competitive Altitude.
  6. There may be a chance for teams who make the playoffs to draft ACTIVE players from any eliminated teams (most likely only the team that finishes last) on the last Sunday of the regular season. This is partially to help encourage players on eliminated teams to continue showing up (requirement to be eligible to join another team). In addition it can help with any playoff team struggling to show enough to play and may slightly help balance out the teams.

Post any feedback regarding these ideas here so they can be discussed.

Expect rosters to be fully managed by clan captains in-game next season rather than through the forums. Any rules will be automatically enforced with the roster management commands.


I really like all the changes, I think they’ll help get lower tier and newer players get involved and also balance out the playoffs
Cheers Van


Thanks for suggesting #6 Mani.

One more thing I forgot to mention is that I may change the way subs work as well. It isn’t really necessary anymore to have subs added to the team before the game starts. And I’m not sure there is too much point in having to set who the sub is before the game starts.

However, there may be too many difficulties in determining who is eligible to use the sub command and making sure all players know how to use it when capts aren’t around. So, we still would have to figure out how to make it work.


On the SkyLeague Registration thread is says:

Registration closes Tuesday July 11, 2017
Preseason is on July 16, 2017
These dates are estimates. Season 15 won’t begin before these dates but could start as late as early August.

That being said, you’ve got some time left to search for a clan. I was asking myself the same question and just joined |NSB| yesterday… I think other clans too might be searching for members for SL15 at the moment!


I don’t see SL happening anytime soon since there aren’t people that want to be captains including myself. Though, I really hope that SL happens with probably the last time with 6v6 ball as it is balanced. It would also be great if someone contacted captains from the previous season(s) and ask them if they would come back to get teams going.


8 active players regular roster seems a good idea. For the actual state of things, these new permissions such as point 3,4 and 6 are good inputs to involve more players into competitive and having less problems with teams showing up. Point 4 always been “used” before Ark decided to makes his own new rules, and its a real good thing till captains/team are consensual!

About point 5, it would be nice if done in such a way that players gets raffled off to all teams and make something to force teams to let this “free agents” play a minimum of games at least during regular season.

About next Skyleague, if we are going to do it after summer i’ll for sure make a team, but in late august/early september i won’t be able to follow it.

I think if Skyleague gets postponed it would be good to make some short tourney during august, to restart bringing interest to competitive from some old players and get involved and better prepared the rookies.


I’m still not really sure what to do with SkyLeague. There is so much going on right now with the updates being made to Altitude by xal, rawr, and biell and my plans to move to 4v4 and host ladder like pubs. My work on rewriting the ladder/league code and add in the new pub support has been a bit delayed waiting to see what happens with Altitude’s source.

I am happy to host SkyLeague sooner, but I get the impression the community may not be ready for another league. Ladder has been more active in the last month which is good. Maybe I am wrong but it doesn’t seem like there is all that much interest in SkyLeague right now. I’m happy to host a SkyLeague soon if people want that, but otherwise I may just wait until we start pushing updates to Altitude had have 4v4 ready.