Christmas 1-day Tourney

Christmas 1-day Tourney.

Format:4 teams. Round robin Best of 1 + Finals Best of 3
Date: 16th December 7 pm GMT / 2 pm ET

Captains: Caz,Toma,Nip,Xorg.

Team |AR|: Xorg©,XX2,Raja,Golden,Twig,Slender,Special.
Team GoldenBallers: Nip©,Flame,Void,Don,Taku,N3,Stam,Eclair.
Team New: Toma©,Moon,Estguy,Vanish,Blarg,Mosfet,Bathroom.
Team \H20/: Caz©,Nick,Plauzo,Clapon,Evel,Sneaky,Visperi.

*The Altitude Drafted League will start after new year because we didnt reach the 30 signed up players cap.

Sign me up p l e a s e.

i’m in… 9th of November or December?!

November. It’s timetravelers only, Nip.

lol - seriously tho i can’t afford one yet so have to pass on the advanced death league this time