Forum Rules and Guidelines


Welcome to the forum, powered by Discourse. Unlike most forum software, Discourse is designed to enable community moderation. After gaining trust levels through regular activity, users may have access to more features and moderation tools.

The default forum homepage here is much different than you are used to. It will default to list the posts with the most recent activity. For a more traditional forum experience click on categories near the top middle of the page.

This is my first time using a Discourse forum so I am still figuring things out and this is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions use the Site Feedback Category. Let me know if you want a private group created for your clan to communicate.


  1. Be respectful. Do not troll or insult other members.
  2. Spamming will not be tolerated. If an account is created to post links, etc to products or services that account will be banned.
  3. Do not post personally identifiable information such as name, address, e-mail, or phone number.
  4. Do not attempt to bypass the swear word filter.
  5. Do not share your account. You are responsible for any actions made by your account.
  6. Posting illegal content will result in the post(s) being deleted and your account being banned.
  7. Porn, nudity, or any other not safe for work content is strictly prohibited. Posts containing adult material will be deleted and may result in your account being banned.
  8. Do not post copyrighted material.
  9. Discussion of drugs or alcohol is not permitted.

If you come across a violation of these rules before admins have been able to take action, please flag the post so that we can take care of it ASAP.

Please try to post your thread in the category that best fits what you are posting about. Categories work much like subforums do with most forum software.

E-mail preferences
If you are familiar with Discourse or want to know about e-mail settings, the default new user settings include sending a weekly e-mail digest containing a summary of posts from the week, e-mailing when someone quotes/replies to/mentions you, and e-mailing when PMed.

I am guessing the majority of users may not want a weekly e-mail digest so I set the default to never and as of May 25 I also turned off the default of e-mailing when someone quotes/replies to/mentions you. I prefer people opt into either of these rather than get e-mail they may not want. I did leave the default of e-mailing when PMed on though. Any of these settings can be changed in your user preferences.