Games in Australian timezone?


Hi guys, long term Australian player here. I used to be quite central to tournaments and administrating servers in the Australian/OCE scene a few years back, but our player base slowly died. I’m still in contact with many of the former Australian server players who do miss it.
Recently reinstalled and had a few runs, but unfortunately every time I log in it seems that only the Euro servers have any players, which I ping at around 300-320 to. Are the US servers still active (~200 ping there)?
If so, what time of day GMT/UTC are people on? I haven’t seemed to find it yet which makes me think both Aus and US servers are dead now.


Hey gruntbuggly xD! Sadly, the USA servers are very rarely used. The Official servers used to have people but since they have disappeared, it’s pretty much solely EU servers used. Bummer indeed.


Yes, I’d estimate like 85% of games are played on EU servers mostly split between Ranked and Ledow’s Football Servers. On average ranked moves over to US servers most days around 11PM GMT, although sometimes weekends can be earlier than that. However, ranked typically dies by 11:30PM or at least 12AM on weekdays, so the ranked US servers get very little use. Again sometimes it can go longer on weekends but often not.

The ranked community hangs out in Discord (Discord Chat Invite), to help organize games and stay in touch. Later this year when I launch a new set pub servers (including support for more locations including west US and Australia) with brand new features, I will work on bringing new players and non-ladder players on those servers into Discord as well.

Ball Dojo (US) happens some nights, but I’m not online enough at those hours to know how often. I’d guess average time for Ball Dojo is starting between 1-2AM GMT. Officials or other pub servers are a bit unpredictable. At some point we ought to look into having notifications for when officials are filling.

Anyway, now may not be ideal for Australian players. BUT, I encourage you to keep checking back because a lot of things are in motion right now that hopefully will help revive the game. Most important some of have recently gotten access to the source code and we will begin working updating the game again. This should get old players back and we will begin marketing the game more after we have some new features added.