Map Archive


The Altitude Map Archive is available at:

The interface allows you to filter the maps by either name name or their type.

Thanks to the enourmous help of @xalri nearly all the maps have screenshots. After getting through only the 1-life maps, I thought my hand was going to fall off. So, I enlisted his help. He build the awsome map_renderer program which works on almost every map. It is currently missing spawn points, but once that is done I will redo the map screenshots.

I have also enabled the map archive for uploads. Use the “+” link in the top right corner to open the upload interface. Uploading screenshots is optional, and if you don’t, I will eventually run @xalri’s program to create one for it. If you have a screenshot, please upload it. I am trying to automate that, but getting it to run on a stock CentOS 7 based google VM is proving rather difficult. So, please upload any maps you have which are missing.

To map makers: You don’t need to use tinyupload or any of those, if you upload your maps here, you can direct link to the map and the screenshot in your posts. That will help keep the archive up-to-date, and provide you with free, persistent storage for your maps.


Didn’t realise just how many maps there were…

Is ball_lobby_ep image supposed to look like that?

p.s. RIP dodgeball


It had a minimap which was resized and rendered on top of everything else. Xal has since added an option to not render parallax views over the Game view. I re-ran his script with this option, it looks good now.

Van’s dodgeball is on Team+, the missle dodgeball variant is also on Team+


I took a quick look through my map archive and found dozens not contained within your archive… here is a small sampling:

ball maps: 8ball, dice, hex, bigcityv2, criminalscum, cube, earth, fustercluck, ripoff, ruin, sadisticv2, sketchpad, sun, thorns, turrets&triangles, vcm…

There are plenty more that I can send you in addition to these.


Thanks, you can use the “+” in the top right corner to upload them yourself, if you like.

If you prefer to send them, just let me know and I will add them for you.


The first installment of the missing maps comes from Ashrat’s rare maps collection…

It may be easier to add them all at once by opening the collection into the archive. That should add all maps missing without searching manually, duplicates should be sorted out automatically.

The second installment will be alittle more difficult, as they are spread out amongst my servers and back-up files. I will have to sort those manually.

I have Ashrat’s collection zipped and ready to send, just let me know where.


Thanks to @Cmdrnoval and the Tadow servers! There are now about 80 new maps on the map archive. That puts us at almost 700 maps on the archive.


Found 9 more maps not included within the archive. Uploaded them, but they are minus screenshots.


Search is ongoing for other missing maps…

EDIT: 4 more located and uploaded. (no screenshots)



If you look at bricks, it has a history icon, you can get to 3, 31, 4, and 5 via the history. Also, I checked your tronv2 and pulse, and they have the same checksum as the non-versioned ones, that is probably why I didn’t add them.

Thanks for finding these new ones, I have generated the screenshots and uploaded them.


I updated the code today so images display on a plane in front of the map table, this allows you to keep your filters applied from one image view to another. It makes it much easier to find maps and look around the archive.

This is all done in javascript, and so it might not work right on all browsers. If you have any browser issues, please let me know. I only checked the site on browsers which run under Linux.

I also added a new “type” for 4ball. If you want to search for game type ball which doesn’t include 4ball, use “^ball”.


Fully functional in IE11.

Great Work!