Recruitment Thread for Teams & Players


This thread is for teams to seek talent and for players to see what teams are recruiting. It may also be helpful as a resource for any new teams that are hoping to form.

If you posted earlier, and as a team, are done recruiting, or as a player that found a team, please edit your post to make it easier for someone else and to avoid any wasted effort from both parties. The preferable way to do this would be to post again with your updated status.

Be aware that very little recruiting is done during an off season. Most recruiting happens within a month of starting a new season until the end of that season.

With that said please use the following format:

If you are looking for a TEAM

Past experience:
Type of team (ball, TBD, etc):
Other information:

Country is optional. If you don’t want to say, it may be helpful to indicate your server preference (EU or US) if you have a much lower ping to one of the servers.

If you are looking for a PLAYER

Team Name:
Type of Team (ball, TBD, etc):
Team Experience: (how long have you been together etc.)
Planes Needed:
Goals: (what do you wish to achieve)
Other information:


Name: hor
Location: California, USA
Past Experience: First played in 2011-2012, then took a long break came back end of 2015.
Plane: Loopy
Type of team: ball
Other information: Love this game to death
Availability: Very flexible


Location: Milín, Czech Republic
Past experience: since about 2010 ledow player, some years ladder player, 2400 hours in air
Plane: Bomber (bombs, repair drone, ultracapacitor, Santa’s hat)
Type of team: ball, dodge
Other information: Special abilities at: skylands (one of the best), lostcity2 and similar open maps, Special skills: clutch player
Availability: sometimes


Name: shirley
Location: Costa Rica.
Past experience: A lot.
Plane: Any plane. My play style centers around heavy defense.
Type of team (ball, TBD, etc): Any team.
Other information: Do not ask me to wear your team tag.
Availability: Little to none, currently. I’ll be very busy until July 16.


Name: Jetlagger
Location: Switzerland
Past experience: Was an early member of the {BL} clan back in 2009-2010, until it disbanded. Been playing on and off ever since
Plane: Most confident in my Loopy skills, second Biplane and third would be Bomber. In casual games I like to play all planes
Type of team: BALL!
Other information: I’m a more defensively oriented player who likes to target important enemy players and shut them down
Goals: My dream is to win the SkyLeague one day :grin:
Availability: Very flexible, would prefer EU times

EDIT: I’m now a proud member of |NSB| ! :smiley:


Team Name: NSB
Type of Team: ball, dodge
Team Experience: very old clan, oldest than time, since altitude started, destination: ledow green fields
Planes Needed: 1 randa, 2 whales, 1 loopy (hor, Jetlagger), 1 biplane, 1 bomber (MUSTAFA)
Goals: win all
Other information: this historic clan is half-lived, captain daddy loged about 300 days ago, I’m not even captain, but i do this, make the NSB great again!
Availability: not so good

Changes to SkyLeague Rosters for Season 15

i would be interested in joining ur clan as a member i dont think im good enough for competitive but i would love to be a part of ur amazing clan


by Name you mean altitude name?


Altitude name or just what you’re known as in the game


Nickname: YAAMA [-fu] (known as KitKat)

Past experience: Playing since December 5 2014

Plane(s): Loopy

Type of team (ball, TBD, etc): ball

Other information: EU only, will leave the clan after SL, not going to join if the clan I am currently in [-fu] is participating in SL

Availability: Until about the beginning of September, from 11 AM GMT until 11 PM GMT (subject to change)