SL 2020: End Of Regular Season Update (Week 3)


Round 5 Matches:
< Vlix > vs MP ➔ < Vlix > won 2-1
t3c vs [BBQ] ➔ t3c lost 1-2
{ball} vs 1% ➔ {ball} won 2-0
|TMC| vs qtz ➔ |TMC| lost 0-2

Round 6 Matches:
[BBQ] vs {ball} ➔ [BBQ] won 2-0
1% vs < Vlix > ➔ 1% won 2-0
MP vs |TMC| ➔ MP won 2-0
qtz vs t3c ➔ qtz lost 0-2

Round 7 Matches:
{ball} vs qtz ➔ {ball} won 2-0
MP vs 1% ➔ MP lost 0-2
|TMC| vs t3c ➔ |TMC| lost 0-2
< Vlix > vs [BBQ] ➔ < Vlix > lost 1-2

Rank | Team | Record | Games Played W/L
1. {ball} (4-0) (8-0)
2. [BBQ] (4-0) (8-1)
3. 1% (3-1) (7-2)
4. < Vlix > (2-2) (5-4)
5. t3c (1-3) (2-6)
6. MP (1-3) (2-6)
:warning: 7. qtz (1-3) (2-7)
:warning: 8. |TMC| (0-4) (0-8)
  • Teams labeled in GREEN advance to the playoffs
  • Teams marked with a secure a first round BYE in the playoffs
  • Teams marked with a :warning: and labeled in RED are in danger of being eliminated
  • Teams marked with a :skull_and_crossbones: are DED
Rank | Team | Record | Games Played W/L
1. [BBQ] (7-0) (14-3)
2. {ball} (6-1) (12-2)
3. 1% (5-2) (11-4)
4. < Vlix > (3-4) (8-9)
5. t3c (3-4) (7-8)
6. MP (2-5) (5-10)
:skull_and_crossbones: 7. qtz (2-5) (4-11)
:skull_and_crossbones: 8. |TMC| (0-7) (0-14)
  • CONGRATULATIONS to [BBQ] , {ball} , 1%, < Vlix >, t3c, and MP for advancing in the tournament!

  • [BBQ] has secured the #1 seed and {ball} is the #2 seed. Both teams will receive a 1st round BYE in the playoffs.

  • Unfortunately qtz and |TMC| have been TERMINATED from the competition forever, but we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors and thank them for helping make this Sky League possible.


Throughout its continued lifespan as the greatest 2D airplane combat game in the history of the known universe, Altitude has maintained a thriving community of dedicated followers. Many friendships have been formed, some evil villains have been created, and even a few marriages have blossomed due to this simple yet addicting game. Although the playerbase may not be as large or active as it once was, the loyal supporters still playing after 10+ years have become more than random internet nerds playing a side-scrolling plane shooter; they have become a family (Arguably a dysfunctional family, but a family nonetheless). To better showcase the importance of family we figured who better than to interview the Mavis siblings- littlemavis, Mavis, and BIG MAVIS, to discuss how Altitude brings them closer together.

To start things off can you please tell us, how long you guys have been playing Altitude, and who was the first Mavis to discover the game and then get the rest of the siblings to play it?

littlemavis: I got my first Altitude account when I was 8, going by the name arthurfan101 (yes, as in the tv show Arthur). Shortly after joining, I decided not to pursue in my Alti career and instead focused myself on watching more Arthur. It was only about a year ago that I decided to rejoin Altitude as Little Mavis. It is unknown who was the first sibling to discover the game however it was Mavis who truly stuck by this game for many years.

Mavis: I have been playing Alti roughly since the game appeared on the Mac Game Store in 2010. My brother Biggest Mavis (who most know as Catalan right now), found the game if I remember correctly, and helped me download it to my computer. His first username was alphanikonrex and I believe mine was spike12736. By the time I became chiggychonga in 2013 I think Biggest Mavis was no longer playing the game that much anymore. I think I was the first Mavis to play the game seriously but even that wasn’t until 2016 or so.

Arthur was really a gamechanger in terms of its animation and opening theme song , and it’s a tragedy it doesn’t get the same respect and recogniton as other cartoons from that era but that’s a discussion for another time…Moving on here is a question for BIG MAVIS. Some people have dubbed you the ‘Mystery Mavis’ since not much is known about you other than the fact you are the oldest. As the first born sibling do you feel like you are the most wise and intelligent out of all the Mavis’s?

BIG MAVIS: For reasons of national security, I cannot confirm nor deny that statement.

K. Let’s uhhh talk about the family dynamic and how it relates to Altitude. When all the Mavis’s are playing Alti do you guys have a LAN set up or just share good WiFi? Also who has the messiest room?

littlemavis: Big Mavis actually lives in a different house than Mavis and I (he’s a big boi). Me and Mavis share the good WiFi, meanwhile Big Mavis is stuck with his crappy ol’ WiFi. I’m a little biased, but if you ask me Mavis has the messiest room, however, it’s worth mentioning that Big Mavis has managed to turn his entire house into a pig sty.

Mavis: Little Mavis and I live in the same house in Massachusetts, but we play on our own laptops. We luckily have excellent internet with enough bandwidth to handle both of us playing Alti and using Discord simultaneously. Biggest Mavis lives in Washington state - nuff’ said. Little Mavis and I probably tie for who has the messier room, it just depends on which version of messy you use. Neither of us live in a pig sty though so it’s not THAT bad.

As the youngest Mavis which by default makes you the favorite child, on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your brothers in terms of their ‘niceness factor’, where 1= they are big meanies and always bully me and 10= they are best brothers I could of asked for.

littlemavis: I’d rate Mavis a solid 5/10. Everyday there’s a 50% chance he’ll be really nice to me and 50% chance I should stay away from him. I rate Big Mavis 8/10. Like all humans, he’s annoying at times but overall he’s kind and supportive. Together, I rate them 10/10, i wouldn’t change a thing :slight_smile:

If you were notified that littlemavis and BIG MAVIS were in jail and you had to bail them out, what would be the crime you assumed each of them committed?

Mavis: Lets see, this is a tough one. I suppose the only thing Little Mavis could do to land in jail would be mouthing off to a dickhead police officer. I could say the same for Big Mavis, but IDK he might get hit with some bullshit like tax evasion haha. He’s such a cheap bastard (eh, more like frugal and hyper efficient) that he spends next to nothing and makes next to nothing. This is normally fine until this year he actually had to file taxes for his company which kind of breaks the tax system cause tax software gets angry when you try to file taxes on nonexistent income.

What other video games do you guys like to play? And who is the most competitive Mavis?

Mavis: I guess all together we prefer board games over video games, but we all enjoy Mario Kart Wii quite a bit. Personally the only other game I play other than Alti is Super Smash Bros Melee. Because of COVID I haven’t been able to play with my local buddies much, and I don’t have a computer that can handle dolphin/slippy to play online. Anyway, not sure if I’d like to play laggy Melee haha.

littlemavis: We only play the best games, so naturally Altitude is the only game we play together. I’m probably the most competitive.

Is the family dynamic a mentor-ship/hierarchy relationship where you all try to learn and help each other become better Altitude players, or is it a free for all rivalry to determine who can become the best Mavis?

littlemavis: It’s kinda a mix of both. We all give friendly advice to each other, but of course none of us takes the advice and just tries to bust each other instead.

Mavis: I would say its a mix of the two. I don’t think Big Mavis is super invested in Alti, I think he plays so he can spend time with us / help save alti / have a little fun. Little Mavis and I have rivalry but it is all in good fun and well meaning. So it’s definitely a mixed bag not one or the other.

Let’s talk Sky League. Is this SL the first tournament you guys have played in and how are you all enjoying it so far?

chiggychonga: I think SL: 2020 is the first tourney that I am officially playing in. I didn’t really know much about Sky League until after most of Alti died and people left the game. I didn’t even know the password to the ranked servers until I was a Mavis.

arthurfan101: This Sky League is actually the second tournament I’ve played in. My first tournament was the 4Fun Tournament where I played on the legendary team Equality with some of my favorite Alti players. Even though qtz hasnt had the best luck so far, I believe that through teamwork, group spirit, and a little bit of luck, we will redeem ourselves during our next matches.

Since we are on the topic of qtz, who would you say is the best player on the team and who is the biggest noob?

littlemavis: I think Fluffy is the best player on qtz. Not only is he a strong player, but he always has insightful suggestions to help us win and encourages communication. I’m probably the biggest noob on the team, but at least I’m not on |TMC|.

In regards to |TMC|, according to our research this is the first time Mavis has been a captain of a team/clan in Altitude. How are you dealing with the stress that comes with taking on a leadership role and what has the journey been like captaining this team so far?

Mavis: Yes, |TMC| is my first team, and it has been the only team/clan I’ve actually been in/played seriously with. I made the team solely because I was sad to not play on the first Sunday of SL since no one was playing ladder. Nobody wanted me on their team or their teams were full. I decided to make my own team to include anyone who wanted to play in SL, but wasn’t picked. G00SE helped me out by donating string and malacats, who are both valuable members of |TMC|. Being captain is tough, especially because I’m not a particularly amazing player. I do feel that I make a good captain because I am able to make decisions fairly well and I am very capable with all the planes so I can change my setup to adapt to which team members I have each Sunday.

Sunday marks a very interesting matchup for |TMC|, where you and your brother finally get to battle against qtz and face off against your sister littlemavis. Will there be a lot of trash talk in the Mavis household before this game?

Mavis: To be honest, Alti is something that Little Mavis and I have in common when we don’t have too much else. In general I like having Alti as something we can talk about with each other as friends, but also have a sibling bond. This is something I value too much to even consider trash talking. Even if I didn’t, I don’t think trash talk is really something I do or use. I enjoy playing the game and I am excited to see how our match against qtz goes this Sunday as I think our teams will be decently matched compared to many of the other games we have played so far.

Care to chime in with your thoughts about this matchup littlemavis? Also how many goals do you predict you will score against |TMC|?

littlemavis: |TMC| should prepare to be DESTROYED on Sunday! Mavis and his team stands no chance against qtz. In terms of how many goals I will score, I can’t plan on scoring any goals; all my goals are just happy accidents.

(Editor’s Note: qtz ended up winning this matchup 2-0, and littlemavis scored 1 happy little accident. )

Well it’s clear we have determined who the most savage Mavis family member is. Let’s shift the discussion to the home of savages: ball ladder. littlemavis and Mavis are very active in the ladder servers where emotions run hot and even the most mild mannered individual can succumb to toxic behavior when their precious rating is on the line. As a third party observer, we would like to hear who BIG MAVIS thinks rages more in ladder between his younger siblings.

BIG MAVIS: Definitely Little Mavis. To start, she’s always raging at me to get in ladder! Mavis, on the other hand, has demonstrated nothing but excellent leadership and frequently gives encouragement.

littlemavis is currently the #1 ranked BRONZE player in ladder and has been steadily improving each season. Do you think this will be one of those those cases where the apprentice (ie: her) overtakes the mentor (ie: Mavis), and she surpasses you in terms of overall Altitude skill eventually?

Mavis: She and I have quite different skill-sets in Alti currently. I have been playing for much longer, yet her skill in ball handling is already quite close to mine. I would say this is the result of her time spent playing ranked games compared to her total gameplay hours. I think that with her value as a team member she will likely surpass me within the year, but I will always be a step ahead in general Alti skill since I have so many hours in the game.

To end the interview please answer these 5 basic questions which will shed insight into the soul of a Mavis on a deeper spiritual level. Cereal of choice?

littlemavis: Honey Bunches of Oats is the superior cereal and is always my cereal of choice.

Mavis: Toughie, tie between Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Honey Bunches of Oats. I suppose if I had to be stuck with one for the rest of my life I’d choose Post’s Honey Bunches.

BIG MAVIS: Oatmeal.

Would you rather be able to speak all the languages in the world, or be able to speak to animals?

littlemavis: I’d rather be able to speak to animals. Maybe then I could get my cat to stop trying to bite my feet.

Mavis: Humans can always learn to speak each other’s languages. I’d sure love to be able to talk to my cat though so gonna go with animals.

BIG MAVIS: Neither. I’d rather know every programming language.

What’s the largest mammal you think you could knock out with a single punch?

littlemavis: A mongoose.

Mavis: A baby mongoose.

BIG MAVIS: A vivid vervet.

If you could have a song play every time you enter a room, what would it be?

littlemavis: Eye of the Tiger

Mavis: Clubbed to Death by Rob Dougan

BIG MAVIS: ‘El Segadors’ - The National Anthem of Catalonia

If you had to start a new career as becoming one of the greatest rappers alive, what would your rapper name be?

littlemavis: Lil Mavi$

Mavis: Haha, inside joke for Little Mavis and I: The Doov

BIG MAVIS: Isn’t there a formula for that?

Thank you for the interview, and we wish you the best of luck in the Sky League playoffs next week future ladder games! Any final shoutouts?

Lil Mavi$: I’d like to give a shoutout to the best loopy in the history of Altitude, the amazing Don! Countless times, Don has proven himself to be the best and he is worth being recognized in this interview. Also a big shoutout to Brutal’s YouTube channel, I expect everyone to comment, like, and subscribe (I heard he’s doing a face reveal at 1mil subs) ;))))

The Doov: Alright folks keep playing Alti and try to remain as hospitable as possible, not pointing any fingers… >.> Okay maybe pointing some fingers.


Gotta say, excellent job with the interviews, had to stop the last one short for obvious reasons though. XD

Nice interview again Goose!

Also, I’m very impressed that Brutal managed to get 700,000,000 views for one of his videos. Good job!