SL 2020: Playoffs Information & Schedule

:airplane: SKY LEAGUE 2020 PLAYOFFS :airplane:



  • Double Elimination Bracket
  • BO3 Rounds 1 & 2 (Winner Bracket and Loser Bracket).
  • BO5 Semifinals and Loser Bracket Finals.
  • BO7 Grand Finals (An additional BO7 will be played if the team that advances from the Loser Final beats the team that advanced from the Semifinal).


  • Each team vetoes 1 map from the pool in BO3’s, and 2 maps in BO5’s.
  • Highest seeded team vetoes first and lowest seeded vetoes second.
  • In BO5’s highest seeded team vetoes twice to start, followed by vetoes from the lowest seed.
  • Teams can have 1 substitute player per game.
  • Teams labeled in BOLD have server choice advantage, choose which side to play on, and pick the 1st map to be played from the remaining pool. Losing team decides the map afterwards.
  • After 2 games have been played in a series, the lowest seeded team can switch sides to play on if they choose to do so.


  • AAB for BO3’s where A represents the team listed in BOLD.
  • AABBA for BO5’s.
  • AABBABA for BO7’s.


  • Sky League Playoffs will begin promptly at 6PM GMT / 2PM EST. There is a 10 minute grace period in place before matches start in order for teams set lineups, pick maps, discuss strategy, wait for a member to log into Altitude, etc. But the 1st round of playoffs are expected to start no later than 6:10 PM GMT. However, any registered Sky League player with a scheduled match that is playing in a ladder game past 6PM GMT will be disallowed from playing in the first game of their Round 1 match.


  • If for whatever reason a team does not have 6 players online to play in a match and the 10 minute grace period window has been exceeded, the Team Captain has 3 options:

1) Play the series 5v6 (or however many people are available). The opposing team can still play with their full team and are not obligated to sit anyone.
2) Forfeit the match.
3) Initiate the Emergency Stand-in Protocol (ESiP)

  • The Emergency Stand-in Protocol allows a team to pick from a select list of Altitude players that have not previously played in Sky League 2020: Quarantine Edition. If a team wishes to deploy this option they must first make their intentions clear by having the Team Captain declare “Initiating Emergency Stand-In Protocol!” via all chat so that everyone is aware that shit is about to go down. An extra 5 minutes is then added to the grace period window where they can then add as many stand-in players as necessary to field a 6 player lineup. Players from this list have been approved for emergency purposes:

Boom (m.shlsh)egypt
[BUM] Rusty
Tenacious Techhunter

NOTE: If a team wishes to use a player not listed here as an Emergency Stand-in they are free to do so as long as the player(s) in question have not played games for another team during this tournament and the opposing team agrees to it, the only exception being XX2 as he is excluded from being selected.


  • Winner/Loser Bracket Rounds 1 & 2 + Semifinals will be played on June 14th.
  • Loser Bracket Finals and Grand Finals will be played the following week on June 21st.
  • Bracket can be found here with listed map pools and will be updated accordingly when matches are finished:

PLAYOFFS WEEK 1 (June 14th @ 6PM GMT / 2PM EST)

Winner Bracket Round 1 Map Pool: ( bricks, skylands, maze, cave, illumination )
Match 1:
< Vlix > vs t3c

Match 2:
1% vs MP

Winner Bracket Round 2 Map Pool: ( mayhem2, planepark, empire, cutesy, cross )
Match 3:
[BBQ] vs Winner of Match 1

Match 4:
{ball} vs Winner of Match 2

Loser Bracket Round 1 Map Pool: ( cliff, funnelpark, cryptic, labyrinth, reef )
Match 5:
Loser of Match 3 vs Loser of Match 2

Match 6:
Loser of Match 4 vs Loser of Match 1

Loser Bracket Round 2 Map Pool: ( geometry, snow, cave, grotto, empire )
Match 7:
High seed Winner from LB R1 vs Low seed Winner

Semifinals Map Pool: ( grotto, core, lostcity2, antre, asteroids, hardcourt2, ice )
Match 8:
High seed Winner from WB R2 vs Low seed Winner

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