SL 2020: Week 1 Playoff Update



Winner Bracket Round 1
Match 1:
< Vlix > vs t3c ➔ < Vlix > won 2-0
Match 2:
1% vs MP ➔ 1% won 2-0

Winner Bracket Round 2
Match 3:
[BBQ] vs < Vlix > ➔ [BBQ] won 2-0
Match 4:
{ball} vs 1% ➔ {ball} won 2-0

Loser Bracket Round 1
Match 5:
1% vs t3c ➔ 1% won 2-1
Match 6:
< Vlix > vs MP ➔ < Vlix > won 2-0

  • t3c is ELIMINATED from the tournament :frowning:
  • MP is ELIMINATED from the tournament :frowning:

Loser Bracket Round 2
Match 7:
1% vs < Vlix > ➔ 1% lost 0-2

  • 1% is ELIMINATED from the tournament :frowning:

Match 8:
[BBQ] vs {ball} ➔ [BBQ] lost 1-3

  • {ball} advances to the GRAND FINALS :slight_smile:


PLAYOFFS WEEK 2 (June 21st @ 6PM GMT / 2PM EST)

Loser Bracket Finals Map Pool: ( mayhem2, cliff, labyrinth, ice, funnelpark, illumination, skylands)
Match 9:
[BBQ] vs < Vlix>

Grand Finals
Match 10:
{ball} vs Winner of Loser Bracket Finals

- All maps from the official Sky League 2020 map pool can be played
- {ball} selects map for the first game, and losing team decides map afterwards
- Once a map has been played it can’t be picked again
- No vetoes

- Winning team of Grand Finals receives $200mxn


We sat down with the Swedish Sensation himself - DVD ( currently using the name SPACE SCARAB for some reason), during and after Sky League to ask him a few simple questions about life, religion, childhood trauma, racial inequality, and Altitude. We had to redact some of his responses in order to publish this in accordance with the Terms of Service of this forum, but what is presented forth in this interview should be more than enough to better understand the complex nature of this individual.

(Editor’s Note: This interview is raw and unfiltered with very limited editing of grammatical errors, and is not exactly family friendly. DVD requested that we keep his typos in place to better express his “emotional inflections”. We apologize in advance.)

DISCLAIMER: All views expressed in this interview by DVD are his own and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any Sky League administrator or organizer. Assumptions made in any analysis do not represent the beliefs of any entity other than DVD himself.

For the for newer generation of Altitude players out there who don’t know you you are or understand the impact you have had on the game, could you please tell us a bit about yourself and what Altitude means to you?

DVD: alti was my last and only chance to live a real life. and then it died. and personally i 100% blame vanishing it was all his fualt. he ruined my life.

Wow, what a shame. Anyways lets move on to the next question. The last time we saw you playing Altitude actively and on a competitive level was back in 2017. What have you been doing during your time away from the game? Rumor has it that during this 3 year hiatus you were focusing on your Muslim faith, can you elaborate on that and are you friends with Boom (m.shlsh)egypt who is another Muslim Alti player?

DVD: no boom is not an immigrant so he doesnt respect mudbloods liek me dude. its like hemione i dont belong with either ppl. AND I DID NOT FOCOUS N MY MUSLIM FAITH. it just lives in me dude. i play world of warcraft actually but i dont reveal that publicaly because its more pathetic than alti hoenstly. i have taped calculus notes all over my windows and i wake up at 10 pm and i havent been outside in literlaly 2 years.

It’s great to see you are out there Living Your Best Life. Since your love of World of Warcraft is now public knowledge, can you tell us about your guild?

DVD: i am in the CRITICAL guild of the US EARTHFURY realm my logs are on as you can see i am a pink ranked allstar all the women left our guild as we got better and more serious at the gamn because as we all known women are incompetent.

Since it is the first week of Sky League Playoffs, congrats on making it this far in the tournament! Basically every expert that was well qualified in their field of study projected that t3c had virtually NO CHANCE at all of even making the playoffs, yet somehow you guys have defied the laws of logic and proved them wrong. Can you explain how this was possible? And what would you like to say to the analysts who claimed you were a mentally impaired / cognitive declining player in the season predictions?

DVD: NUBMER ONE. I AM NOT MENTALLY AND OR COGNTIVELY DECLINED. AND UR THE ONE WHO SAID THAT THE ONLY ONE WHO EVER DID. i am an absoute fucking alti god in the machine. and second we qualified because of shmo, idk who the fuck u guys pay to project teams but somewhoe u missed this vaguely important detail that shmo cant lose. shmo brings us all hope both ingame and in discord. he’s also a rank 1 project m player srsly dude goose did u just forget shmo or something. u know shmo.

Due to certain laws regarding confidentiality I cannot legally discuss the opinions of the experts and analysts who claimed you were a player in decline, but you have managed to prove all the doubters wrong so let’s move onto another topic. You have played with all of the t3c players throughout your Altitude career under various different clans over time. Could you describe your teammates to us in a few words/phrases?

DVD: fh: fucking retard
leggo: uh g-eazy, is bascially clam
ssd: does the best with what he is given once again on a bi yearly basis
clapon: couldve saved us but doesnt care
oil can: im not gonna even describe oil clan
clam: is actually clam
apathy and ex: dynamic duo of the team
shmo: is the team

sunshineduck has been your trusted leader for the majority of the clans you have played under, and the only thing he idolizes more than you are K-POP artists. From your insider knowledge of SSD can you share some thoughts about what makes him a great team captain and friend?

DVD: hes very DEEP dude, both intellectually and physically. i like that ssd is the only one willing and capable to try to tell these ppl what to do. without ssd fh would play terraria with his fucking important 3rd world wife and shmo would be idk banging hot girls. leggo would be doing whippits. ssd comes to me like in the wolverine movies u know. he says hes assemblimgs a team and he needs me. hes the only one who can bring me back. as a friend hes alright i guess. he ditched me in wow. he plays with “dota dvd” now

(Note: Please follow SSD’s Twitch channel located here: where you can view the VOD’s of all the games t3c played in SL, as well as watch him stream his Dota 2 games as he competes in the upcoming Season 20 of the Reddit Dota 2 League (RD2L). Any donations to his channel are not expected, but highly appreciated and they go toward improving his stream and buying instant noodles).

You are currently the #1 ranked ladder player with an massive 200 point gap between you and the 2nd place player. This looks very impressive, but if we analyze the data on a deeper level, its disturbing to find that you accomplished this feat by playing Heavy Cannon biplane in 98% of your matches. Obviously that is the most OP plane in the game right now and combined with being a pure mouse user (which gives you access to a permanent aiming vector at all times for those unaware), we feel as though you have “gamed the system” so to speak, rather than win legitimately like everyone else has. Would you agree with these claims? And as a follow up question, would you be willing to agree to have an asterisk placed next to your name/rank on the ladder leaderboards to symbolize that you are an HC mouse user which would thereby nullify all your accomplishments in comparison to the rest of the ladder players who willingly choose to play the game with respect and dignity?

DVD: lets analyze the facts: hc has to hit you and has to hit you 3-5 times to kill you. thermo has to aim in ur general direction and hit you 1 times to kill ME. pls tell me in this calculus how hc is overpowered?! ur keyboard disadvantage is fully nullified by your fucking autoaim. play my old recorded hc games in slowmotion on and subscribe u will see that i dont even use the vector. i spin the vector around wildly and hit shots thru superior mechanical skill. dude the rank 2 is a whale even. whales are fucking busted dude. u ever tried to beat whales with no whales its impossible. 3/4 players below me are whale players one day ppl will wake up to this. some of them are even european. how about i ask you a question for a change. dude seriously actually name one thing a bip can do that a whale cant do at least as well? to answer ur follow up quesiton yes sure, that way u cud see there is only 1 mouse player in diamond and then where would ur excuse be goose. i am confident the data will speak the truth

Unfortunately due to time limitations I am unable to answer any questions you have, but hopefully this interview will bring more awareness to the plague of of HC biplane mouse users and as a community we can find ways to rise above them. In regards to biplane players, the best ones currently seem to all be Swedish, with mssv, twig, sneaky, and yourself. Sweden has historically produced some of the greatest Altitude players over the years and I am curious as to your thoughts as to what makes this country such a hotbed for talent?

DVD: what the fuck are u even saying dude. what about EVEL. i have an 8+ inch dick swedens secret tho is welfar. im almost 30 and i havent worked a day in my life. i have forgone all sexual and monetary relations just to get good at this game. and i assume all the other swedes are also unemployed virgins.

I know it’s a tough job market with the COVID19 pandemic and all, but with your charming personality and intelligence you should have no trouble securing a decent job once the economy is back to normal. Didn’t you graduate with a degree in Computer Science from a prestigious university?

DVD: no see i got all the way to my masters thesis project with straight As and then i didnt do my masters thesis because i made no connections or ability to find projects in school. which ansers the later part of ur question

Oh. Well that kinda sucks. In other depressing news t3c has just been officially eliminated from the tournament after a devastating loss against 1%. Can you comment as to what went wrong in this matchup, and can we expect to see you return to play in any future Sky League tournaments?

DVD: we dont have any dedicated thermo players as u wills see if you rank teams based on quality of thermo players u weill have the final ranking of the tournament. i will never ever in my fucking life play this piece of shit game ever agian its an abject of tragedy that im still here

It would be a tragic loss to the community seeing you retire for good, but understandable if this is the end of your journey. You enriched us all with your brash sense of humor and always spoke your mind no matter what, and for that you will be remembered and missed. To end this interview could you share with us some of your final thought’s on the current state of Altitude, and impart some wisdom to Boom (m.shlsh)egypt who we hope will carry on your legacy?

DVD: altitude is at its lowest point ever and in any given lader game there are maybe 1-2 players who have a basic compency. the entire game is to take advantage of the incredibly high frequency of glaring stupid mistake that the other 11-10 ppl commit. thus to boom i would say this: every single player in a ladder game is ur enemy including ur teammates dont let them do anything unsupervised ofc ur probably one of the idiots stastically but hopefully u will be better one day. thank you very much for having me goos


Full Final Results for anyone who’s interested:

BBQ 2-3 Vlix
Game 1: BBQ 6-1 Vlix mayhem2 EU
Game 2: BBQ 6-3 Vlix illumination EU
Game 3: BBQ 3-6 Vlix Skylands US
Game 4: BBQ 0-6 Vlix Cliff US
Game 5: BBQ 1-6 Vlix Labyrinth EU

Ball 4-3 Vlix
Game 1: Ball 3-6 Vlix mayhem2 US
Game 2: Ball 5-6 Vlix antre US
Game 3: Ball 5-6 Vlix asteroids US
Game 4: Ball 6-4 Vlix Cave US
Game 5: Ball 6-4 Vlix Labyrinth US
Game 6: Ball 6-2 Vlix Illumination US
Game 7: Ball 6-0 Vlix Ice US

Congrats to Ball for the victory! Commiserations to Vlix, but commendations for providing two fantastic matches!

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Vlix, you fought well! <3