SL 2020: Week 1 Post Game Update


Round 1 Matches:
|TMC| vs 1% ➔ |TMC| lost 0-2
[BBQ] vs MP ➔ [BBQ] won 2-0
qtz vs < Vlix > ➔ qtz won 2-1
t3c vs {ball} ➔ t3c lost 0-2

Round 2 Matches:
< Vlix > vs t3c ➔ < Vlix > won 2-0
{ball} vs |TMC| ➔ {ball} won 2-0
MP vs qtz ➔ MP won 2-0
1% vs [BBQ] ➔ 1% lost 1-2

Rank | Team | Record | Games Played W/L
1. {ball} (2-0) (4-0)
2. [BBQ] (2-0) (4-1)
3. 1% (1-1) (3-2)
4. < Vlix > (1-1) (3-2)
5. MP (1-1) (2-2)
6. qtz (1-1) (2-3)
:warning: 7. t3c (0-2) (0-4)
:warning: 8. |TMC| (0-2) (0-4)
  • Teams labeled in GREEN advance to the playoffs
  • Teams marked with a secure a first round BYE in the playoffs
  • Teams marked with a :warning: and labeled in RED are in danger of being eliminated


Thanks for sitting down with us for this interview. First let me congratulate you on your victories in today’s games versus t3c and |TMC|! You had an impressive loopy performance in particular against |TMC| in game 2 of your series against them on the map grotto, where you scored 3 goals with a KDA of 34-36-18. {ball} has the most depth out of all the teams when it comes to their loopies, and I was curious as to who you think is currently the best loopy and worst loopy on your roster?

Bran: Hey G00SE thanks for having me! I think we all showed up, so the wins were definitely team performances. I do think DN is probably our best loop, and obviously Hollywood and ball’n are our worst loopies.

(Editor’s Note: we anonymously polled 25 Sky League players to see who they thought was the best loopy on {ball} and DN won with 15 votes, followed by zz with 6 votes. When we polled the same players to see who they thought was the WORST loopy on {ball}, Don was picked in a unanimous decision)

Heading into Week 2, {ball} will be facing off against their bitter rivals < Vlix >. In past interviews you have stated how Sanis is like a father figure to you. Care to elaborate why you share such a special bond with him?

Bran: I’m really looking forward to this match! Like you said, we’re like father and son. I call him Daddy Sanis. He took me on my first ever fishing trip and taught me how to shave. I honestly think we were lovers in a past life. Again, I’m looking forward to it, but it’s also so nerve wrecking i don’t think i’ll be able to sleep for a couple of nights before we face each other.

Let’s discuss some recent developments happening outside of Sky League for a second. As many people are aware, Season 6 of ladder ended last week and you managed to place #11th overall in the GOLD division which is quite an accomplishment! Do you have goals in mind heading into Season 7 of ladder? And as a follow up question: which player do you enjoy killing/ playing against the most in ladder?

Bran: Placing #11 was kind of disappointing, especially since Brutal ended above me. My goal for Season 7 is to play more than 10 games, I’ll see if i can accomplish that. I love playing against G00SE because that’s usually freelo :slight_smile:

(Note: Bran actually lost 11 games in a row in ladder at one point which we hope is a record for longest losing streak)

Final question: If your house caught on fire and after rescuing your pets and family you only had enough time to grab one thing to save before everything else you own burns to ashes, what would you choose and why?

Bran: That’s a tough question! Assuming I already have my wallet and phone in my pocket, I would save my PC or my explodet full body pillow.

Thanks for the interview Bran and we wish you the best of luck in the rest of the tournament!

Bran: Smell ya later, also big shoutout to Brutal’s youtube channel. Please subscribe:


WEEK 2 (May 31st @ 6PM GMT / 2PM EST)

Round 3 Map Pool: (asteroids, hardcourt2, reef, maze, cave)
Round 3 Matches:
t3c vs MP
qtz vs 1%
|TMC| vs BBQ
{ball} vs < Vlix >

Round 4 Map Pool: (skylands, lostcity2, funnelpark, bricks, cliff)
Round 4 Matches:
[BBQ] vs qtz
MP vs {ball}
1% vs t3c
< Vlix > vs |TMC|