SL19 Regular Season

Post the scores of your games (5-3, 2-5 etc.) in the #SL19 Discord channel.


  • Round 1 and 2: Sunday the 12th of May

  • Round 3 and 4: Sunday the 19th of May

  • Round 5 and 6: Sunday the 26th of May

Time: All game days start at 7 pm BST/2 pm EDT/11 am PDT

Challonge bracket


Round 1 (BO3):

  • Cross, Snow, Lostcity, Reef, UFOs, Planepark, Sanctum

Round 2 (BO3):

  • Kessler, Lostcity, Asteroids, Empire, Cryptic, Illumination, Woods

Round 3 (BO3):

  • Kessler, Antre, Maze, Snow, Cave, Illumination, UFOs

Round 4 (BO3):

  • Cliff, Doodle, Carpia, Asteroids, Galatea, Volcano, Illumination

Round 5 (BO3):

  • Galatea, Warehouse, Arrow, Maze, Doodle, Firepark, Core

Round 6 (BO3):

  • Galatea, Cave, Woods, Kessler, Antre, Firepark, Illumination


  • Caz
  • Xal
  • Toma
  • Bran
  • Van1sh1ng


  • Teams must choose a maximum of 5 players for each game. All other team members must spec before /start tournament is called.
  • Unlimited substitutions during the game is allowed, but have to be done in-between a goal and the next spawn.

Server choice:

  • Bottom seed picks server (EU/NA) for the first game. Server choice for the following game is given to the losing team in the previous game, regardless of seed.

Map veto process:
All maps are chosen before the first game between the two teams is played.

BO3 (7 maps):

  1. Bottom seed vetoes 1 map
  2. Top seed vetoes 1 map
  3. Bottom seed picks 1 map
  4. Top seed picks 1 map
  5. Bottom seed vetoes 1 map
  6. Top seed vetoes 1 map
  7. Remaining map is the decider