Steps to Fix Altitude on Windows 10

On Windows 10 Altitude lags badly for almost everyone during startup and login as well as opening options. Some players can’t even play Altitude as it crashes before it can log in successfully. Updating a java library Altitude uses fixes these issues. Unfortunately no updates have been made to Altitude in a long time and it is unlikely for it be updated any time soon. Luckily it is a simply process swapping files for newer versions.

You will be updating the Lightweight Java Game Library to version 2.9.3.

  1. Download at

  1. Extract the zip file you just downloaded.
  2. From > jar you want the files jinput.jar, lwjgl.jar, and lwjgl_util.jar. Where you have altitude installed you need to copy those into altitude > lib, replacing the old versions. You should see those three files among others in altitude > lib.

The default installation directory for standalone Altitude is C://Program Files (x86)/Altitude and for Steam it is at C://Program Files (x86)/steamapps/common/Altitude. For Steam you can also right click a game’s name in your library and open Properties. Go to the Local Files tab and click Browse Local Files…

  1. Then from > native > windows copy all 8 dll files into altitude > native, replacing the old versions of just those 8 files.

You’re done, Altitude should now start up very quickly on Windows 10. If you have issues on other operating systems you might want to try these steps too. Just make sure for the native files you pick the version corresponding to your operating system.

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