Sunday Captains Tourney


DATE: 2nd of September
TIME: 3 pm EST/8 pm GMT
MODE: 4vs4

Round 1: Antre,Core,Cryptic,Ufo,Woods.
Round 2: Asteroids,Cliff,Illumination,Midnight,Warehouse.
Round3: Arrow,Cross,Empire,Firepark,Grotto.
Semi-Finals: Carpia,Galatea,Snow,Swarm,Volcano.
Finals: Asteroids,Cave,Doodle,Illumination,Lostcity,Planepark,Sanctum.
Lowest rated captain gets server, first veto and first map pick, highest rated captain gets side pick, second veto and second map pick.

Round 1: Flame vs Sneaky and Toma vs Stam
Round 2: Don vs Sneaky and Paradigm vs Stam
Round 3: Flame vs Don and Toma vs Paradigm
Captains gets 5 picks in total, 3 must be between “Confirmed Player’s list” and 2 between “Not Sure’s list”.

Group stage:
Single round robin with 2 groups consisting of 3 teams each. All group matches are bo3’s.
Group A: Flame, Don, Sneaky
Group B: Toma, Paradigm, Stam
Finishing place in your group will depend on the total amount of games you have won, if these are equal for two teams, the team winning the bo3 between these two teams will finish above the other. Best two teams of a group advance to crossfinals, teams finishing last place in their respective groups can play an additional bo5 for 5th and 6th places.

Bracket Stage:
Single elimination. Crossfinals are bo3’s, grand finals and third place finals are bo5’s.
Crossfinal 1: A1 vs B2
Crossfinal 2: A2 vs B1
Winners of these matches advance to grand finals, losers advance to third place finals.


Stam: xx2,van,nick,evel,jax





Flame: woofy,bran,plauze,cookie,ccn,shlutty