Tadow! Clan

Clan Tags:

Standard of the Industry: Competition Division:

Game Modes:

All modes, however the Competition Division plays Ball-Mode only.

Steam Group:

Official Altitude Server:

_Tadow! _ IP:

Recruitment: Invite Only

-All recruits must file the proper application and reference packets in triplicate, meet the requirements and qualifications of the Tadow! Counsel, and also be personally approved by our Benevolent Overlord.

-Accepted recruits will be considered as probationary until these requirements are completed:

– Tadow! training course,---------- must score 100% or higher.
– Altitude training course, ----------must score 80% or higher.
– Jazz’s: Leadership course, -------must score 80% or higher.
– Kafka’s: Bounceshot course,----- must score 60% or higher.
– GFlare’s: “Scoremaster” course, must score 60% or higher.

-Additional courses available for Extra Credit:

–Harmonica’s: Be the Perfect Goalie, the Complete Edition.
–Danpare’s: How to turn a Biplane into a Sniper Rifle.
–AngryIrish’s: Best Goal-pushing harassment techniques, Second edition.
–Heph’s: The Classic “Smash & Grab” maneuvering manual.
–Elusive’s: The Elusive Path to Three Gold Bars.


  1. You do not talk, message, or email about Tadow!, or it’s members.
  2. You may never share the secret handshake with non-members.
  3. You must never reveal our Altitude secrets to anyone.
  4. You must uphold the laws of Tadow!, in every respect.
  5. You must, and under all circumstances, yell TADOW! after every officially sanctioned and approved goal.

-Failure to follow these rules will result in immediate and permanent disqualification from active play, reduction in Rank equal to your lifetime stats, and possible banishment from the clan, unless your name isn’t Jazz.


Active Roster:

----------Founder-----------------Benevolent Overlord--------------Captain--------------



-----Hephaestus Jones----------------Danpare--------------------------Elusive-------------

-------------Fierce--------------------------Mudokon---------------------Magic Man------------



--------------Brutal--------------------LightningShotz-------------------Mr. Thief-------------


Death, presumed dead…
Steady, for lacking steadfastness…
FunnyHell, for absolute and deliberate failure to join the Steam Group…
Rusty Trombone, for being too rusty…
Gizmo, for abandoning his post…
Beertit-combo, for the condition of his avatar, as some might be heavily offended…
Captain Ahab, for being lost in the sea of time…
BlastyMcD, co-founder, for dereliction of duty, and possession of naughty images related to Rainbow-colored Unicorns… (shame on you)

Competitive Branch (in retirement)

Competitive Roster:

To be announced by the Tadow! Counsel, after due deliberations, should official competitions resume.

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