Updated to mac os catalina and lost altitude

is this the end for me?

I think the only options are to run Windows in bootcamp or create a virtual machine running Linux or Windows and hope Altitude runs smoothly enough in it to play.


I ran into the same issue when I updated to MacOS Catalina. Sadly, Apple has moved on from 32-bit applications and just saying that developers should make their games/applications 64-bit. This is unlikely in some scenarios like Altitude.

However, there is a solution and Apple makes it very easy. This what that I am going to explain to you is how I did it. But, there are several ways you can run a Windows OS on a Mac.

On your Mac, there is an application called “Boot Camp” and this is the route I took after much research on this…

Here is a YouTube video that does a very good job at explaining the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hmm9Q-T0oTo

I do want to point out that the video doesn’t really explain how to launch back into MacOS after doing the process. Basically, restart your computer and when it’s booting up you want to hold down the OPTION key on your Mac. This allows you to boot into whichever partition of the drive that you want to. In this instance, Windows10 or MacOS.

I hope this helps you!!