Windows 10 Creators Update

Many computers running Windows 10 have had issues after the Windows 10 Creators Update is installed. For whatever reason Microsoft likes to overwrite device drivers you have installed with their own which often do not work properly.

Some driver issues may prevent Altitude from starting up successfully. Personally I had no issues with Altitude on my Windows 10 laptop after the update, but my touchpad was no longer functional until I reinstalled the drivers for my touchpad. Others have had issues with video card or other drivers. Driver problems related to graphics or any type of input devices (such as Bluetooth / USB) may cause errors in Altitude.

If Altitude will not start you should first check Altitude’s log files (will post guide to do so soon). There may or may not be any error messages. If there is an error message it should help determine what the problem is. For example it could be an error related to Bluetooth.

If there is an error in the logs that is related to a specific type of device, you should reinstall the driver. If there is no error in the logs or it is not clear what the problem might be, I’d at least try reinstalling graphics drivers. You can also try the common troubleshooting steps linked to above with the log file info.

Feel free to create a Support thread or ask on the PlaneBall Discord for assistance. If you do have problems starting Altitude after the Creators Update, but figure out how to fix it on your own, it is still appreciated if you post here with what caused the problem and the steps you took to fix it. This way others may be able to resolve the same issue if it happens to them.

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